Bogey the Bayview Border Collie

Bogey the Bayview Border Collie

Bogey came from Orange back in August last year! Bogey came to Bayview at a time when everyone was struggling to make sense of things. We were five months into the pandemic, not knowing what was going to happen.⠀Bogey stays with one of the greenkeepers and comes to work everyday.

Bogey patiently waits with the greenkeepers for pats from all the members. He is extremely good with people and helps to keep the birds off the course. He brightens up everyone’s days! He is a special pup and is part of the Bayview family! Make sure if you see him you give him a pat, he will love it!

Bogey is looked after at Newport Vet, Sydney Animal Hospital, who is also a sponsor at Bayview Golf Club. You will see their sign at Hole 9.

Bogey also has his own Instagram account! Check him out here.