Mens Club Captains Update

Men’s Update                                                                                                                              

Gold Medal Playoff

The Gold Medal Playoff was held last Saturday 18th November in conjunction with the November Monthly Medal. Although the weather was not the best on the day there were still some great scores

Congratulations to the Golf Medal winners  on the day.

A Grade Scratch – Steve Green (75): Runner Up – Anthony Carter (78)cb

A Grade Nett – Steve Green (68); Runner Up – Stuart Webster (71)

B Grade Scratch – Adam Gaebel (86); Runner Up – Stephen Whitfield (89)

B Grade Nett – Stephen Whitfield (75)  Brad Jeffrey (75) – Play Off on Sat 2nd December

C Grade Scratch – Tom Baselga (89); Runner Up – Harry Pitkanen (95)

C Grade Nett – Pete Ryder (78); Runner Up – Phil Lewis (82)


November Monthly Medal Results

Congratulations to the November Medal winners

A Grade Scratch and Net Winner – Steve Green (7) 75/68

B Grade Scratch and Nett Winner – Jeffrey Rankin (14) 78/64

C Grade Scratch – Byron Bates (21) 84

C Grade Nett – Dylan Taylor (32) 62


Christmas Gala Day

Saturday 16th December

This is event is open to 5,6 & 7 day members. There will be a shotgun start at 8am followed by a member’s lunch. The competition on the day will be a Best 2 of 4. If you are intending to play and attend the lunch you will need to complete the entry form.


Upcoming Events – SAVE THE DATE

The following events should be marked in your calendar if you do not already have them highlighted.

Sunday 10th Dec Presentation Afternoon Details made available soon
Saturday 16th Dec Christmas Gala Day Shot Gun Start with Lunch


Pace Of Play

A big thank you for everyone’s continued efforts in this area. I have been receiving a lot of positive comments from members about the pace of play that the field is maintaining. We continue to maintain an improvement in our pace of play with most groups finishing under 10 minutes behind the group in front and a lot of groups finishing their round sub 4 hours. If we all ensure we keep up with the group in-front we should never have a pace of play issue going forward.


Course Maintenance

Divots, why repair them?

  • The grass in an unrepaired divot will grow at an uneven height to the grass around it. Overtime if divots are not repaired the playing surfaces will eventually become uneven and make the game even more difficult.
  • If you land in a divot, the higher height of a properly repaired divot will allow better contact than being in the bottom of a crater, and
  • It is good etiquette and shows you respect the course.

The best way to fix a divot is to add sand until it is slightly below the height of the adjacent turf, smooth the sand out and press down on it with your foot. It gives the grass an even base to grow over.
Adding a handful of sand or using a clubhead of sand and not following the above practice does not really assist the course. If the grass does regrow it will do so unevenly.

The same concepts apply to the rough. There is a misnomer divots in the rough do not need to be repaired. This is certainly not the case.
The best chance for the turf to regenerate evenly to provide the best playing surface is to repair divots correctly. Please repair them once correctly and this will help all players enjoy the course.


Looking forward to seeing you on the course this weekend.


Happy Golfing

Phillip Pitt