Mens Club Captains Update

Men’s Update                                                                                                                              

Course Care

I don’t have to remind you that the course has experienced a tremendous amount of rain over the last 3 months. The ground staff have been working tirelessly to remove excess water from the course to get it back into a condition that will allow us back on the course as soon as possible.

Over the past month, despite all requests asking members to avoid the wet and bare areas of the course I have witnessed many members walking their push buggies through bare and wet areas and even driving carts down the centre of fairways instead of remaining on the wet track.

When the course reopens, I remind all members to take extra care and be aware of all damaged and wet areas ensuring they don’t take their push buggies and carts into these sections of the golf course. Doing so will only damage the course more and increase the time it takes James and his team to repair the course.

There are a number of areas on the course that have been roped off to reduce further damage and I ask you to walk around these areas at all times.


Push Buggies

  • Please ensure you walk your buggies around all bare and wet patches on the course to avoid creating more damage which will result in an increased amount of time for these areas to repair



  • If wet track is in play all golfers are to refer to the map on the windscreen of the cart and adhere to the wet track at all times. Anyone found to be off the track at any time during their round will be asked to justify why they were off the track and could have their cart usage suspended.
  • On days where there are no restrictions members should avoid taking carts through bare patches on the course and follow any signs that are in place
  • Where possible carts should remain on paths at all times.
  • At all times, unless signs advise otherwise, carts should be kept away from tees and bunkers and should not be taken any closer than 10 metres to any green.



Happy Golfing

Phillip Pitt

Club Captain