Geohex at Bayview Golf Club

Geo Hex at Bayview Golf Club

Former NRL star and Fox Sports commentator, Braith Anasta, has teamed up with Dint Golf Solutions to present Australia’s most innovative and sustainable ground stabilisation solution. 100% Australian made with a load baring capacity of 1200t/sqm and less than half the price of concreting.

Bayview has added Geo Hex to the ends of a few concrete paths around the course to improve golf cart wear to the areas. You will be able to notice it on the 1st, 3rd and 9th, so keep your eyes peeled! On Friday morning Bayview’s green staff laid a product called Geohex.

It is Australia’s most innovative & sustainable ground stabilization solution! Geo Hex is made from recycled plastic and can be used for anything. It was laid at the 3rd tee to help the wear from golf carts and foot traffic at the end of the concrete path!

Click here to view the video of Dint Golf Solutions installing Geohex at Bayview Golf Club.