Tips and tricks from our Golf Pros



Reading a Green

For the Slicers

Spin with Chipping

Hitting Up

Golf Swing

Back Swing



Staying on top of the ball


Improving Swing

Hitting Back To Your Hole

Applying Spin

Basics of Bunkers

How To Stop Coming Over The Top

Plugged Lie

Hook Shots


Downhill Bunker Shots

Shots over the Water

Chipping Over a Bunker

Speed Control

Hitting High

Follow Through with James

Driving Distance

Follow Through

High Draw

3 Chip Shots

High Shots with a Hybrid

Chipping on a Slope

Rotation with James

Sand Over the Shoulder

Hitting into the wind

Hard Surfaced Bunker Shots

Putting Tips

Low Chipping

Driving Distance

Hooking your shot

Hard Packed Bunkers

Slice Fixer

Hitting a Curve

Pitch Shots

Wide Armed Drive

Driving Tips

Bunker Trick with Lou

Grip Pressure

A Quick Fix

Correct Grip

Putting Practice

Medium Flighted Chip

Putting Drill

Pitch Shots


Hybrid Shots

Downhill Bunker Shots

Angle of Attack

Hitting with a Fairway Wood

Bunker Shots

Baseline Drill

Wet Weather Chipping


Flop Shots

Putting Drills

Downhill Slopes

Tree Shots

Grip Pressure

Ball Positions

Tricky Lies

Distance Drills

Tee Height

Long Drive

Putting Practice