The Bayview Golf Club Elephant Statues

What is the history behind the Bayview Golf Club elephants?

As far as we know the elephants were sculptured by Mr. Harold Squires in the mid to late 1920s for the owners of Bayview Golf Links, Mr John Orr and his wife Christina. The elephants stood in front of their house in a large pond which overlooked the golf course.

As can be seen from one of the early Post Cards of Mona Vale, the elephants were originally built as a fountain. Now installed in their new home by the 18th green, we can again enjoy them as a water feature. With the demolition of John Orr’s house and the old clubhouse the elephants are the only memory of a bygone area.

Click here to read the “Bayview Links With A Past” book online.

‘Bayview Links with The Past’ Traces the history of Bayview Golf Club.

We owe the researchers our gratitude. For their sleepless nights – for trying to separate truth from myth – for producing this book as a memento of how we got to where we are today – and the people who shaped that period. Ken Fitzpatrick – Club Patron