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Our management team are here to help you plan your membership and ensure you are welcomed into Bayview Golf Club.
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One thing most prospective golf club members look for when making a decision on which club to join is value for money.

Bayview members get access to the Bayview TrackMan performance centre. The TrackMan performance centre uses state of the art technology to follow your club through the swing from impact to landing. It gives you a precise breakdown and you can use that to tweak your swing for improved results. Book via the ProShop up to 24 hours in advance.

Platinum Membership
Platinum members enjoy the flexibility to play on any day that suits them and competition rounds are available 6 days per week. These members also get unrestricted voting rights.

Gold Membership
Gold members can play from Monday to Friday. Competition rounds are available 4 days per week. These members have restricted voting rights.

Silver Membership
Members in this category can play in weekday competitions up to 8 times per year on payment of the standard competition fee. Silver members have access to a handicap, unlimited free weekday social play after competition times and unlimited weekend twilight access on payment of the applicable social player rate.
**Silver members cannot participate in Championship, Pennant competitions and Club representative activities.

Membership Option Benefits

Category Name Playing Rights
7 Day Intermediates & Colts Platinum • Every day playing rights
• 12 x 30min free Trackman access p.a. (24 hr. booking via pro shop)
• Under 35, Under 30 & Under 25 age discounts available on application
• All Club Championship, Pennant Team & Club representative access
• 3 Visitor Vouchers per year
5 Day Gold • Mon – Fri playing rights
(No Sat/ Sun Comp. access except on designated visitor days @ visitor rate or socially @ social rates after Comp.)
• Weekday C’ship access only                                                                           • Access to the course after 3pm on weekends
• Access to weekday Pennant teams and club representatives
• 2 Visitor Vouchers per year
Silver • Mon – Fri social golf only, access outside Competition times
• Unlimited weekend twilight access on payment of the applicable social player rate
• 8 Weekday Comp vouchers per year
Juniors (14-17yo)
Cadets ( 8 -13yo)
Junior Cadets (5-7yo)
Juniors, Cadets, Jnr Cadets • Every day access (conditions apply)
• Special lessons & programs
• No Joining Fee applicable for Juniors, Cadets and Junior Cadets
Additional Benefits:
• Golf tuition using Trackman technology
• Club fitting
• Distance gapping sessions Virtual golf
• Putting green
• Chipping green
• Practice nets
• Access to a well-stocked Pro Shop with competitively priced goods from helpful, knowledgeable staff
• Access to the Club’s talented PGA- qualified pro, Ben Gear, for coaching, advice and private tuition                                                                                                     • Access to 36 golf carts
• The chance to play in competition and social events to improve your skills
• Safe and secure bag storage
• Ample undercover parking
• A friendly, relaxed atmosphere
• Equal access for women and men

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