We ask that all players take a few extra moments when playing to respect the course

  • It is compulsory for all players to carry sand buckets at all times. We ask that all players cut in the divot with a club and then fill their divots with sand. Sand buckets are available at many points across the course, including the 1st and 12th tees.
  • Buggies may not be taken on greens.
  • All pitch marks on greens must be repaired with a pitch mark repair tool.
  • All bunkers must be raked after use to avoid foot imprints left in the sand.

Repairing Pitch Marks

All players should carry a pitch mark repair tool in order to repair pitch marks left on the green. Pitch marks should be repaired correctly in order to ensure that the green is repaired as quickly as possible.

TO repair a pitch mark

  • Push from the back of the mark to the centre with the repairer. Repeat this from all sides of the mark.
  • Do not lift the turf upwards.
  • To finish, tap the mark down with a putter to ensure that the green is left smooth.


Motorised Golf Carts

Players are able to rent golf carts for use on the course; however, this is a privilege that relies on players respecting the rules surrounding motorised golf carts.

  • Carts must not be taken around the greens, near tees or in bunkers. Follow signage outlining where carts may be taken on the course.
  • IN wet conditions, keep clear of wet areas and avoid driving on the fairway. Follow instructions from the Pro Shop regarding cart regulations for the day.
  • Always apply the park brake when not driving the cart.
  • When travelling between tees, following the concrete or gravel cart paths.


  • Players must enter all bunkers at the lowest point of entry possible.
  • Footprints must be raked upon leaving the bunker. The rake should be left on the bunker’s edge.
  • Rake any other damage in the bunker if time permits.

Conduct on the Greens

  • Flagsticks should be lowered carefully onto the green and should not be dropped to prevent damage.
  • Always return the flagstick to the center of the cup when leaving the green.
  • Players should not lean on their putters when on the green.
  • Ensuring that the rim of the hole is left undamaged is important for ensuring that the course is in its best possible condition. Players must be conscious to step lightly around the hole, not to step over it and to not remove the ball with the head of their putter.