Ladies Club Captains Update

Ladies Update

Upcoming events

30//5/24 and 6/6/24   Veterans Championship and Stroke Medal rounds .

Rescheduled events

Midweek Medal 3 and Life Members Trophy has been rescheduled to be concurrent with the second round of the Veterans Championships on the 6th June 2024.

Weekend 4BBB Handicap Knockout qualifying round is on the 15th June.  You will need to enter via normal weekend booking process and put a Q on your card.


The Single Handicap Knockout Trophy qualification round needed to be cancelled last Thursday as there were only 3 players qualifying.  The revised plan is to restart the event and the qualifying day will be the 20th June.  There will be 8 qualifiers and the draw for the quarter finals will be published at the end of the qualifying round.  You must place a Q on your card, and play the red course.  The players qualifying for match play will need to mutually agree to complete their match by the following dates.  The players may agree to play on any day of the week but must respect both players membership playing rights. Players unable to complete their match by the “play by” date must forfeit.  You will then post your results on the noticeboard of the ladies’ locker room and both should initial the result.  You must be available to play on the 5th September.

Quarter Finals Play by 5th July 8 playoff
Semi Final Play by 5th August 4 playoff
Final Play on 5thSept 2 playoff



Bronze 2 Shield has finished with our team coming in 4th Place.  The team had great fun and comradery.  Many thanks again to Barbara for organising.

Bronze Plaque will commence on the 17th May, Convened by AnnMarie McDivitt. The clinic by Ben was well received and we did Putting and Pitching drills.

Silver Shield Has had one draw and two losses.  This does not reflect the determination and abilities of our team.  A lot of the critical matches have been very close and decided on the 18th hole.  We are hosting next Friday with a very early start.



Rules of Golf

The definitions section of the rules describes when your ball is in play.

The status of a player’s ball when it lies on the course and is being used in the play of a hole:

A ball first becomes in play on a hole: When the player makes a stroke at it from inside the teeing area,


 In match play, when the player makes a stroke at it from outside the teeing area and the opponent does not cancel the stroke under Rule 6.1b.

That ball remains in play until it is holed, except that it is no longer in play:

  • When it is lifted from the course,
  • When it is lost (even if it is at rest on the course) or comes to rest out of bounds, or
  • When another ball has been substituted for it, even if not allowed by a Rule
  • A ball that is not in play is a wrong ball.

The player cannot have more than one ball in play at any time. (See Rule 6.3d for the limited cases when a player may play more than one ball at the same time on a hole.)

When the Rules refer to a ball at rest or in motion, this means a ball that is in play.

When a ball marker is in place to mark the spot of a ball in play If the ball has not been lifted, it is still in play, and If the ball has been lifted and replaced, it is in play even if the ball marker has not been removed.


Here are a few examples;

A ball is not in play when the player has teed the ball up in the teeing area and has not yet made a downward stroke at the ball. Once a forward movement intending to hit the ball, a stroke has been made and the ball becomes in play.

What happens if a player in the tee box accidentally strikes the ball when making a practice swing?

The ball is not yet in play thus no penalty. Rule 9.4.  The player may tee up again.

However, if a player accidentally causes a ball to move,  by making a practice swing or dropping an item on it causing it to move, when the ball is in the general area, there is a one-shot penalty because the ball is in play.

If you have hit a provisional ball, it remains a provisional ball until you have looked for your ball in play for 3 minutes, after that it becomes the ball in play.   You may play your provisional ball when it is further away from the hole than where you need to go to start looking for your ball in play.  In this situation, if you find your original ball, then the strokes with the provisional ball are cancelled and the original ball remains your ball in play.   If your original ball is not found, then the strokes with the provisional ball are counted and that ball becomes your ball in play.