Ladies Club Captains Update

Ladies Update

Upcoming events

Canadian Foursomes 30th Nov

Two players play as partners and use one ball after the tee shot.

Both players play tee shots at every hole and afterwards continue playing that one ball taking alternate shots until the ball is holed. Record your gross score for each hole. The handicap allowance is ⅜ of your aggregate handicap which will be found on your card. Calculate your net score at the endo of your round.

Christmas Golf Event 7th Dec, “Christmas Carols” is the theme.  Sign on sheet in locker room Shotgun start   8am.  This event will be full of fun.  This event wraps up our Womens program for the year and we will recommence with our Opening day game 1st Feb 2024.

Greenkeepers Revenge 14th Dec.  Expect the unexpected!   

Golf NSW Summer Foursomes Hosted by Bayview Golf Club

Bookings have commenced via the GolfNSW website by going to the Event Calendar 2024 on the GolfNSW website and follow the links. You will need your golf genius login which is the same as the one that you use the Golflink app.

Barrenjoey Week of Golf

Bookings are now open to join in with the biggest golf event of its kind in Australia!  It is a fantastic opportunity to play at other courses near here. Host clubs will be Bayview, Cromer, Long Reef, Manly, Monash and Wakehurst.



Save the Dates for Pennants next year

Grade                          9th Feb             22nd Mar         7 rounds          Hosting 8th Mar

Bronze II                      8th March        26th Apr           7 rounds          Hosting 22nd Mar

Silver Shield                 26th Apr           6th Jun              7 rounds          Hosting 17th May

Bronze Plaque             17th May          7th Jun              7 rounds          Hosting 7th Jun

Bronze III                     14th Jun            14th Jul             5 rounds          Hosting 14th Jun (no bye)

Bronze IV                     21st Jun            2nd Aug            7 rounds          Hosting 2nd Aug


Faster play

If two players need to go forwards after finishing a hole to catch up or to keep up with the group in front, then please tee up and play.   It is not very efficient to go ahead just to sit down and sort out scores and wait for the others!  You should finish doing your scorecard whilst the other two are teeing off.  Always be ready to walk off the tee as soon as the last person has finished their tee shot. Saving a minute each hole all adds up!



Here is the link to the article written by Robyn Pitt published in Golfing news about Bayview Charity Day



Results of the 75th Anniversary Event Sunday 26th Nov

A dedicated team of Barbara Pearce, Jo Pearce, Chris Whitson and Simon Pearce were the winners of the Ambrose using Hickory Sticks, that were provided by the Golf Historical Society.   Our club had a wonderful gathering afterwards with fabulous food as we celebrated the 75th Anniversary. Special thanks go to Bev Alfonso, Barbara Pearce, Glen Vade and all those members who contributed to the event planning and the book that we have all been given.   The book is free to all members, so please ask at reception if you haven’t received one yet.


Committee for 2024

At our AGM last week we voted in our new committee for 2024. President Gill Wood, Captain Virginia McClelland, Vice President AnneMaree McDivitt, Vice Captain and Treasurer Anne Hinton, Secretary Ann Giles, Barbara Gavin, MaryLynne DeJong, Raylee Moylan, Trish Gillett, Sandra Kercher Veterans Rep, and Olwyn Johnstone Handicapper. I know that all are determined to provide a great golfing experience for all our members. Fun and fair competitions are our goal.

Many thanks to our outgoing committee member Di Shea who has been fantastic at taking and organising photos of our events and competitors. She has done photobook that can be found in the locker room.  It reminds us how much fun that we can have in one year!

Part of the Women in Golf Charter is increasing focus on looking out. This is something that each of us can do. This can be done when you are talking to others. Express your pride in Bayview. If an acquaintance expresses a desire to take up golf, then encourage them to come to our club programme Get into Golf. We all can spread information around about how much our course has improved and how beautiful it is and how we have an active and friendly community. Brag about our fantastic school kids programme and how successful some of these kids have become in golf. Sew many seeds and we will get growth.

The club plans to  commence the multi tee format on the 1st January 24. The default settings will be Blue Course for Men and Red Course  for women.  If you wish to play off the other tees ie Gold,  or Blue  course you will be in the same competition and the Proshop will print off a scorecard for you with the appropriate handicap for that course.

After The Christmas event the womens committee will be in recess until Opening Day, so all cards on Thursdays after the 7th Dec should be returned to the Pro Shop


Presentation Evening