Round 3 was washed out at Long Reef on 19th Feb , replayed on Thursday 7th March against Wakehurst.

We were successful 51/2 to 2, our most convincing win this year.

Winners were Dieter Kammerl 6/5, Bob Sims 3/2, Phil Pitt 5/4, Steve Balme 6/4, Mark Edmondson 3/2, and Kym Payne Square.

In other matches, Long Reef defeated Manly and Cromer defeated Mona Vale.


Round 4 was played at Manly against Long Reef.

Long Reef were successful 4 to 31/2 in a very close match.

Bayview winners were Tony Payne 3/2, Steve Balme 4/3, Mark Edmondson 6/5, Steve Whitfield 1UP.

In other matches, Mona Vale beat Manly and Cromer beat Wakehurst.


Round 5 was at Bayview against Mona Vale.

We were successful 41/2 to 3 in another close contest.

Winners were Dieter 4/3, Steve B 2/1, Rex 3/1, Kym 1UP, Steve W 3/2.

In other matches Mona Vale and Long Reef were winners.


After completing all preliminary matches, Cromer and Long Reef will contest the final, Bayview and Mona Vale play off for 3rd, and Manly and Wakehurst will fight it out for the coveted Wooden Spoon.


Finals are at Wakehurst on Monday 18th March.




Roger Smith