Rules of Golf

Rules on practice shots

In stroke play, you must not practice on the course before a round. You will be disqualified; rule 5.2b. In match play, you can practice on the course before a round of the competition, Rule 5.2a.

Players must not hit practice shots while playing a hole (Rule 5.5a) with a one-shot penalty or loss of hole in match play. Rule 5.5b describes restrictions on playing practice shots after completing a hole. You can practice on a hole with chips or putts before you commence the next hole. (Rule 5.5a), however, if a player unreasonably delays play between two holes, there is a penalty (applying to the next hole) rule 5.6a.

Practice swings are permitted if the player doesn’t intentionally hit the ball. If you accidentally cause the ball to move when it is in the teeing area (including your practice swing), it may be re-teed anywhere in the teeing area without penalty.

At Bayview, we should be mindful and considerate of other players by not taking too much time with practice swings, as it slows the game considerably.